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©Chiara Redaschi

The Broom Wagon is an identity, branding, and design studio. We have a passion for design, sports, and especially cycling, hence the theme. We design logos and identity systems for sports teams and companies and anything you see along the ride. We like to concentrate on sports and cycling but in our roots have designed for anything from entertainment to real estate. We like to help those struggling with their identity and creativity and pull them along the ride just when you need it most.

In bike racing, the broom wagon is the vehicle that helps riders who are struggling at the back of the race. It sweeps up those who have given up and encourages those who are trudging on. Whether you're a leader struggling to keep pace or you're a young upstart trying to breakaway, we can help you along the road. Our passion for design is what drives us to create solutions that will best work for you. It's like finding the right gear that keeps you moving forward. Even if you have nothing left in the tank, we can help you reach the finish line.


We'll help get you to the end. Whether you're a new company or team needing a logo or an established one needing to rebrand, we'll help get you to where you want to go. We are dedicated to you, your brand, and your struggles and with our diverse experience in design, advertising, packaging, identity, and more, we are confident that we can keep you moving forward.


Working together we'll discover your needs, struggles, and message. Upon initial consultation we'll begin to develop a road map to follow and get us to where we want to go. We will be able to find direction in the overall look and feel of your project. Then we will design your identity and see it strengthen along the way. Follow us, let us do the work in the wind, and at the end of the ride we hope to make your brand stronger and have others follow you.



©Modesto Roadmen

Neri Garcia started BWNO Design in 2000 designing for print, web, and more for a variety of industries. No longer wanting to compete with the lowest bid, he decided to pedal forward, rebrand, and take his passion for cycling to concentrate efforts on sports identity, branding, and culture. He and his small network of designers, illustrators, and artists round out a complete team to help you reach your goals. An avid cyclist himself, he uses the beauty and history of the sport to inspire him in creating something that has become The Broom Wagon.

With a degree in Graphic Design from Cal Poly Pomona, Neri has always been a creative head since he was a child. Imagination was his favorite toy. His love for drawing, art, and creativity as a kid led him to pursue Graphics in high school, then Graphic Design in college, down the road to designing for others today. He spent many years traveling, skateboarding, and playing music to express and absorb creativity in other forms. He hopes to use his creativity and love of design to help others move forward in their journeys and keep their passions alive. An athlete most his life he's been involved in football (as in soccer), hockey, volleyball, skateboarding, surfing, and cycling and can help your team or company with their design needs.

"I've used cycling and the broom wagon as a metaphor for helping design for others. Sometimes you're feeling good, other times you're not, but you always have others to help you get to the end. Even though you may struggle, the journey is still filled with inspiring sights, sounds, and feelings which is something to share in the end. There is so much inspiration to pull from, and I hope it shows in the final product."


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We'll get you to the finish line


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